Thursday, December 16, 2004


'PREDICTA' by SweetKali
The Morning News is an online magazine which features intimate yet precise writing. One of their most popular features is a series entitled 'Letters from Edinburgh: A Bulgarian Rhapsody'.

Written by Claire Miccio, who is an expatriate in Edinburgh, Scotland, the series consists of her experiences in Bulgaria. If you'€™ve never visited that country, here'€™s your chance to immerse yourself in Miccio€'s intensely realistic writing.

Here's an example:

"From the airplane window I watch Bulgaria's hundreds of drab, Soviet-style tenements shrink into grids of computer chips. In a few hours it's nighttime and the plane passes over the Firth of Forth, descending into Edinburgh. Spangles of gold lights loop across the city like a necklace, and it is absolutely beautiful."

Visit The Morning News and Letters from Edinburgh: Bulgarian Rhapsody here.

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