Monday, November 22, 2004


ORIGINS . Just the sight and sound of the word 'Origins' conjures up images of succulent lip tints and blushes, Zen-like scents and blissed-out soaps and scrubs; all focusing on the natural serenity of beauty. Today, there's even newer items making it on the beauty scene.

How many of us, male AND female alike have been soothed and conforted by Origins' wonderful product line? I mean, just the very names of the products send your imagination into Kundalini overdrive, such as ' Beautiful Skin', 'Peace Of Mind', 'Warm Reception', 'Calming Nature', and 'A Perfect World'. Sigh. White Tea, Lemon, Ginger, Bergamont and Tangerine are a few of the rich sensory ingredients found under the bumbershoot* of Origins.

For those who have not tried Origins' product line; a good way to begin is with 'A Perfect World', which is Origins' White Tea Skin Guardian. It has no harsh ingredients to inflame or stress my skin, but leaves it smooth, glowing, and protected from L.A.'s warm climate; garnering me regular compliments from people who want to know how I keep my skin so beautiful.

Now we can truly rejoice because Origins has a new line of Cocoa Therapy products! Oh yes, chocoholics can now indulge their skin with Cocoa-scented creams, cleansers, buffing scrubs and, in the near future, treat their tummies with Origins' new line of Sensory Therapy Chocolate Bars!

These bars possess herbal ingredients to soothe what ails ya....Chamomile for sleep, Black Pepper for energy or even Basil for a restful and blessed stomach. Until then, there's always Cocoa Therapy, Origins' "chocolate fix"!

Is not the world a better place because of Origins ?

*"Bumbershoot," is a fancy, whimsical, and seriously antiquated term for an umbrella.

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